Example of  PlanePlotter low level SMU in action

The animation shows traffic below 4000 feet in the Shawbury area  .




F15 using duplicate hex code AE229B.Callsigns Storm and Ginny








Non positional aircraft as located and plotted by PlanePlotter  Mlat

White circled targets indicate  Section Master User fixes generated automatically each cycle for the North West Sector 

U2 arrives UK March 6 2012 

U2 departure , non Mode-S tracked using PP BFplus Mode A/C 

Full animation here  http://i42.tinypic.com/apisdg.gif

  • The animation below shows a U2 [ non Mode S ] climbing out of Fairford.
  • The panel to the left shows a Mode A/C representation of squawk codes and the right hand panel shows Mode A/C altitude traces
  • As the U2 climbs you can see a green Mode A/C trace climbing  from left to right , eventually reaching FL590
  • The a/c is identified by its squawk , initially 6441 , then as it enters Scottish airspace in the Irish Sea/Liverpool Bay area , 6110 .These are known codes used by a/c climbing to the north.
  • The beams on the map triangulate its position.
  • The animation starts as the a/c passes over the Wallasey beacon at which point it was confirmed visually
  • There is a full size animation here  http://i44.tinypic.com/qtfc.gif

Two U2s arrive at Fairford

Notice as the first lands , the second appears over northern France  at/above FL600



Mode A/C descent profile of U2 

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