Mode-C tracking using PlanePlotter BeamFiner Plus is only available  to users of the Mode-S Beast

For further information about the Beast , follow this link

Mode-S Beast


 U2 departing the UK tracked using Mode C BeamFinder Plus

Labels indicate Radar Head Pulse Rates


U2 tracked using Mode - C Beamfinder Plus  and confirmed visually over the UK

Mode-S and Mode A/C Beamfinding

Demonstration showing how BeamFinder works  using both Mode-S [ BeamFinder  ... red  ] and  Mode A/C [BeamFinder Plus ...  green ] 

Location by radar pulse rate 

 In the above example the target a/c  is sending no location data or indeed Mode-S.

It is however Mode A/C active.

Location is achieved by triangulation based upon the radar pulse rate of  known radar sites combined with the squawk  code  transmitted by the a/c.

The aircraft invovled is a U2 climbing to FL600  on the way back to the USA

U2 departs Fairford climbing to 60,000 feet

Typhoon test flight   07.10.2011 

Incoming U2 located by Mode  C  beams 

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